Delivery is available to NSW Central Coast & Newcastle suburbs. Suburbs we deliver to are listed by Postcode, below. Please contact us before placing an order if your suburb's postcode is not listed and we can let you know if or when delivery is possible. 

Delivery fee's apply, on orders under $120 and to all Newcastle deliveries. 

All deliveries are carried out on a Friday, during business hours. (Delivery delays may occur during busy times.)

All orders wil be left at your designated premesis, in a box that contains insulation and icepacks to keep your meals cool until you are able to put them in the fridge. This transport and cooling system is standard across all Meal Prep Companies, nationally. We take food safety very seriously and have faith that this system works and is more than adequate to keep your food cool for 6-8 hours.

You will receive a text message the morning of your delivery, to remind you of the pending delivery. Please leave out your previous box, insulation and icepacks for us to collect each week you have a new order arriving. You will also receive  a picture text message of your order having been delivered, once complete as all of our deliveries are contact-less. Your meals will always be placed in a shaded location, out of direct sunlight. Please refrigerate or freeze meals immediately upon receipt.


- 2250 through to 2251 (East of M1)

- 2256 through to 2263

- 2280 through to 2287

- 2289 through to 2300

- 2302 through to 2308