Hi there, I'm Nikki and I am the Head Chef, Vegan Nutritionist and Founder of Nourished Herbivore. This business is my fourth baby. My first 3 babies are human ones, this one is my food baby! I also have an awesome husband (human), who has become a master at reassuring me of my skills, both in the kitchen and as a business woman and mother. We are the true definition of a team.

This business started with me preparing meals for friends and family who were time poor, or simply had no interest in the cooking process, but who still valued great, wholesome, fresh food. As it so happens, I am Vegan myself, so my one condition when I jumped in the deep end and embarked on this journey preparing food for others was that the ONLY option would be plant based food, without compromise. Thankfully, I quickly proved to these friends and family that plant based food need not be a bowl of lettuce and can be tasty, filling, satisfying and nutritious. As it so happens, there are many others out there, vegan or otherwise, that value a fresh home style cooked meal, packed with wholesome and nourishing plant foods. This has brought Nourished Herbivore to where it is today.

My own personal path towards a plant based diet started with some people close to me. My Mum was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer at the age of 53. Meanwhile, my paternal Grandfather was also fighting the same disease. During this time, my husband insisted we watch a new Documentary called Forks Over Knives. From watching this Doco alone, that was it, I knew there and then that this way of eating was a must. This Doco advocated that a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet was scientifically proven to reverse Heart Disease and potentially prevent many types of cancer. With Bowel Cancer present in both sides of my family and a history of Heart Disease within my husband's family, what did we have to lose by giving it a shot? I will confess, I was totally unsure as to how I would actually give up dairy. This girl here was a total dairy addict. Dairy was my main food group. Yoghurt with breakfast, milk filled coffee's, cheese at lunch and most likely dinner too. The meat thing was a non-issue for me as I already hadn't eaten red meat since I was about 15. My husband and I gave ourselves 30 days to test it out. Now, as an all or nothing kind of person, I was going to give it 110% during that month, to really see if I could live this way. The first 2-3 weeks weren't full of rainbows and leaping out of bed with boundless energy as I had anticipated. I felt sluggish, tired all of the time and just not great. Little did I realise at the time, I was detoxing, just like any addict when they go cold turkey (bad analogy). Oh but then, I came out the other side. My constant severe bloating disappeared, my energy returned and off I went. Totally sold that this was the way forward.


I could never imagine going back to consuming animal products again. I just don't need them. I just don't want or crave them either. Physically & Ethically. This is Nourished Herbivore and Nourished Herbivore is me.